Why Choose us?

Customer Service

We offer a better service because we're the friendliest host online.

We're so confident that you'll like our products and our high levels of service that we won't make you pay a set-up fee nor will we make you commit to a 12 month, 6 month or even a 2 month contract AND we have a 100% money back guarantee!*

What else?

  • Cancel anytime
  • 14 day, 100% money back guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Online Helpdesk and ticketing
  • Live chat support
  • Forums
  • Server management and custom software installation

Because we don't tie our customers into a contract, we know you have the option to leave us at any time so we build our business on reputation and quality of service.

Without your support and continued goodwill, we wouldn't survive. With that in mind, we promise:

  • No call centres
  • No reading from scripts
  • No customer call targets (i.e. we won't finish a call as quickly as possible)

* Our guarantee applies to unused resources, i.e. we will make a pro-rata charge for bandwidth and licenses. If you have no licenses such as DirectAdmin or used any bandwidth, you will receive a full refund.

We occasionally have promotional offers that have differing refund policies but these offers are rare and are clearly labelled. Everything else is covered by our 14 day, no quibble guarantee.