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Broadband Bonding & Failover

Broadand can be Fragile

We can provide the means to aggregate multiple slower ADSL or other connections into one super-fast, resilliant virtual connection with the added bonus of redundancy.

This virtual connection is presented as a single connection with one (or more, at request) IP addresses with the benefit of the aggregate bandwidth of all lines.

Developed in-house over the course of many years our solution runs on top of your existing broadband connections and as such is compatible with ANY ISP. We highly recommend using multiple ISPs to provide additional redundancy.

With our service, we guarantee 99.99% uptime on our broadband line bonding and failover services.

Broadband Failover & Failure Protection

The show must go on

An Internet connection can fail at many points. It could be a line issue - someone could dig up a road between you and the exchange and tear up your physical line. There could be a fault at the exchange or it could just be an ISP outage.

When your Internet connection is what your business depends on, you need to make sure it's as dependable as possible.

With our Failure Protected Internet service, we can guarantee 99.99% uptime*.

How does it work?

When we connect your lines up, we give you the aggregate total bandwidth (minus overhead).

When one line fails, your bandwidth is reduced BUT you remain connected to the Internet.

Line Bonding

From £10.00 / Mo

  • Up to 8 bonded lines
  • Up to 640Mb Download
  • Up to 160Mb Upload
  • Router/Firewall
  • Bespoke configurations
  • Free 7 days setup assistance
  • 1 month contract
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  • 99.99% uptime*
  • No interruption to session during failover*
  • Increased throughput
  • Increased reliability
  • Static IPs
  • Reverse DNS

*Where at least one line is still available.

Service Highlights


Increased reliablity

99.99% uptime guarantee

There will be no interruption to your service when a line fails. This allows us to guarantee 99.99% uptime.


Increased throughput

Each additional line increases your speed

Unlike a load balancer, our service will provide speed increases on single data streams. This means a single file download (or upload) will benefit from the aggregate throughput of all lines.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Quality service and quality products

We believe our products are the best on the market and we're happy to stand by them. If you feel unsatisfied with any of our products or services, we'll be happy to refund your money within 14 days.

OpenVZ Virtualisation
Xen Virtualisation
KVM Virtualisation
We support CentOS Operating System
We support Ubuntu Operating System
We support Debain Operating System