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Semi-Dedicated VPS

Semi-Dedicated Virtual Private Servers - Fully Managed

Managed VPS with high availability resources, providing stability and performance with 24 hour management.

We use the latest state-of-the-art dual cpu configurations with, hex core or better CPUs, 64~192GB RAM and Hardware RAID with SSD storage for maximum performance. With todays web applications requiring more and more power, you need the best hardware.


Semi-Dedicated VPS 1

From £174.00 / Mo

Or £1740.00 Yearly! (16% off)
  • 15.5GB RAM
  • 193.75GB Hardware RAID SSD Storage
  • 4650GB/Mo Data transfer
  • 16 IPv4 Addresses
  • Free Backup (193.75GB)
  • Full Server Management
  • Free cPanel or DirectAdmin
  • Ideal for e-Commerce sites.

Semi-Dedicated VPS 2

From £289.00 / Mo

Or £2890.00 Yearly! (16% off)
  • 31GB RAM
  • 387.5GB Hardware RAID SSD Storage
  • 9300GB/Mo Data transfer
  • 32 IPv4 Addresses
  • Free Backup (387.5GB)
  • Full Server Management
  • Free cPanel or DirectAdmin
  • Ideal for large e-Commerce sites.

What is a Semi-Dedicated Virtual Private Server?

A Semi-Dedicated Virtual Private Server is the next step along the resource migration tree. With a Semi-Dedicated Virtual Private Server, the number of VPS on a node is limited to better guarantee the resources available to you. At it's most dedicated, only your VPS is housed on the node, creating a Dedicated Virtual Private Server or Hybrid Virtual Private Server.

The resource migration tree. Dedicated Servers Dedicated Virtual Private Servers Dedicated Virtual Private Servers Virtual Private Servers Shared Hosting

As the number of users on a node increases, your control and security decreases. Conversely, your share of resources increases as the number of users decreases.

Key Features

  • Lower resource contention

Management Features

  • Initial transfer to us
  • Initial server setup
  • 24 hour support
  • Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Boot failure issues
  • DNS/rDNS management
  • Backup management
  • Software installation & updates
  • Upgrading through resource tree

Fully Managed

Let us take the technical hurdles out of your routine so you can get on with running your business. Relying on our managed dedicated VPS solutions will let you focus on the business whilst we provide total support coverage. We'll also provide you with hands on guidance with any aspect of the service.

We take care of setup, configuration, updates and maintenance.

Not enough resources?

Check out our Dedicated Virtual Private Servers.

Why not a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server provides the ultimate control for your server but it comes at the cost of being the most difficult to set-up and maintain.

With a Dedicated Virtual Private Server, you still have full use of our control panel to manage your VPS. You'll still have out-of-band access via our Recovery Console should you accidentally prevent your server from booting or if you're a little too strict with your firewall rules and all without needing a KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) session - all you need is an terminal.

OpenVZ Virtualisation
Xen Virtualisation
KVM Virtualisation
We support CentOS Operating System
We support Ubuntu Operating System
We support Debain Operating System