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Business Broadband Availability

Service Features


UK Support

Direct contact with our UK network operations centre.

When you have a problem and you need it solved quickly and efficiently, we'll be there to guide you through the process.


Multiple Static IPs Available


IP subnets available for a one-off fee of £22.50 allowing you to host services in-house.


Custom Reverse DNS

For no additional charge

Reverse DNS can be customised for those with static IP addresses.


Large monthly data transfer allowances

Do more

Packages with large monthly data transfer allowances are available at most locations with overages from as little as 5p per GB.


No traffic shaping

Freedom to do what you please, when you please

We don't throttle or shape your traffic. We don't penalise you with slow speeds (unless you exceed your monthly data transfer) so you'll always get what you pay for and more!


No ports blocked

We're just the conduit

We believe that as an ISP, we should only provide you the connectivity. How you choose to use your connection is up to you.

OpenVZ Virtualisation
Xen Virtualisation
KVM Virtualisation
We support CentOS Operating System
We support Ubuntu Operating System
We support Debain Operating System